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Wild Food - Autumn

a deep dive into foraging and cooking with wild edibles.

Language: English (& Dutch)

26 Oct - 2 Nov 2024

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Wild Food: a taste of the untamed

Get ready to awaken your taste buds and experience the vibrant flavors of the wilderness!


Our immersive Wild Food week is an unforgettable adventure that will take you on a journey of discovery. You will learn to forage and cook with wild edibles, ánd to rethink our food and habitat systems. 

Whether you’re a professional chef interested in sustainability or a fanatic hiker with an interest in food, a curious beginner or a seasoned forager: let’s grab a basket and find something to eat!


Autumn Flora 
Learn how to identify, harvest and prepare edible wild plants.

Image by Waldemar

Let´s go nuts! You probably tried chestnuts before, but did you ever have acorns? Discover ancient traditions and potential for the food of the future.

Medicine Making
Enter the world of herbal medicine and taking home your own healing tinctures, balms and teas.


Sourdough Bread
Understanding the principles behind sourdough, you´ll learn the fool-proof recipe to bake your own breads!


Diving into the mushroom world, you´ll learn how to identify and cook with them.

Coastal Foraging
An expedition to the coast, exploring, foraging and cooking wild edibles living on shore and in the sea.

Image by Max Saeling

Wild Game
We will respectfully prepare a wild boar together. Learn how to cook the various parts of the animal. 


Not so much into dead animals? We´ll host a fermentation workshop simultaneously

Learn about the wonderous world of fermentation. Creating your own style kimchi.


Wild! Beyond all expectations!
- Brenda

Being one with, and learning from nature is a significant blessing, especially in these times. This was absolutely the most important experience of the week!
- Jenneke

What will you learn?

You will deepen your understanding of wild foods and the natural world, both on a cognitive and physical level. Through a combination of expert-led lessons and guided foraging hikes and cooking sessions, you'll learn how to identify and harvest wild edibles, prepare them in delicious recipes, and understand their nutritional and medicinal properties. Meanwhile you'll have the chance to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the stunning Spanish wilderness.

Next to gaining knowledge, there is also space for silence, alone-time in nature, and sharing. Creating a deep connection also to our own inner nature. Nourishing not only our bellies and bodies, but also our heart and soul.

And best of all, you'll be surrounded by like-minded and passionate people who share your love for nature and food. Together, we will restore our connection with our edible surroundings, explore the rich flavors of the wilderness, create unforgettable memories, and gain skills that will last a lifetime!

The wild location

The land on which the Can Cabota finca lies, has everything a forager wants: mushrooms galore, edible plants and trees everywhere, a river to take a *cold* dip in, an organic veggie garden, a young food forest, a water source... and a hammock for your after-lunch nap!

There’s fresh produce from the organic veggie garden, homemade sourdough bread, and plenty of wild foods right at our feet. We cook together either in the yurt or in the outdoor kitchen, we share recipes and joy.

It’s an amazing place to disconnect from the noise and chaos of everyday life and find peace in the simplicity of living off the land.


The Wild Food week was truly a journey to a "different" world than you're used to. Living a week entirely in rhythm and cooperation with nature was a highly valuable experience. It taught me how to rely on nature for food, while also emphasizing our role in that system and how we can give back. This experience has provided me with a tremendous amount of inspiration and motivation to bring these insights home with me.
- Celine

Looking forward to meeting you,
Saskia (Outsiders), Bastiaan & Jorien (the School of Nature)
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