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the school for nature connection

For us, education is about personal and communal development. Our own experiences and many wise people showed us that a connection with nature supports us in all aspects of this development.


“Nature” includes a lot: ourselves, the other, the non-humans, the cultivated and the wild. And the beautiful part is that connecting to nature can be done in so many ways! Whether it is about your food, your body, health, spirituality, practical skills, adventure or just a wonderful holiday, these are all ways to connect and therefore opportunities to unfold yourself into who you are.

The experiences that we offer help you to reconnect to nature and yourself, providing inspiration and clarity on your life’s direction. They include both practical activities like foraging, survival skills and growing food, as well as more spiritual activities - often inspired by indigenous rituals- like nature meditations, nature solo’s and sharing circles.

We offer experiences in English, Dutch, Catalan and Spanish. Both short workshops as well as longer programs. Check our upcoming activities!

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