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the regenerative farm

Healthy soil is our best solution to the climate problem. That’s because a healthy soil feeds on the CO2 that is now too much in the air. As a regenerative farm, our mission is to create rich soil life. We therefore do not focus on traditional agriculture or livestock farming, but are rather called “soil farmers”. To create and stimulate a rich soil life, we need a holistic ecosystem where people, trees, plants and animals each play their part, and this ecosystem provides food at the same time!

The balance between wild and cultivated, between actively, passively or not intervening at all as a human being, plays an important role in this. Regenerative farming encompasses the core elements of permaculture, agroforestry and food forests. With the farm we hope to inspire and motivate people and farmers towards this truly sustainable way of growing food and restoring the landscape at the same time.

We started our farm in the beginning of this year and now are building up soil life by rotational grazing. This means our 60 chickens as well as our 4 sheep get moved to a new piece on the field every day and once in a while the 20 cows of our neighbours join the rotation as well.

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