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Living with the Land

6-13 May

An introduction to a nature-connected life

Do you wish to connect more with nature in your daily life?
We welcome you at our off-the-grid finca Can Cabota, to learn, be inspired, and to connect to nature and yourself. 

Our Living with the Land program is a weeklong immersion into the wilderness of Spain, in which you are invited to connect with nature in all of life's aspects. It is a combination of 'being' and 'doing': You will learn practical skills and simple, yet powerful, spiritual practices that you can integrate into your life at home (even if you live in the city without a garden).

Being at our finca will allow you to disconnect fully from all inputs and distractions. Making space for you to rest and reconnect to yourself and nature. You will leave with new inspiration, skills and practices on how to continue this nature-connected life at home. ​

The program includes the foundations of:
- foraging: learn how to identify and harvest edible and medicinal wild plants - herbal medicine: learn how to make tinctures or salve from wild plants
- veggie garden: learn how to start growing your own organic veggies, including composting
- food preservation: learn to ferment all kinds of vegetables (like kimchi)
- sourdough: learn easy to more complex methods to make sourdough bread
- nature meditations: practices to connect to yourself and nature, helping you with your inner process
- sharing circles: relate to and share with others in a safe space

An example day could look like this:

7:30 sit spotting*

8:00 breakfast

9-12 gathering and cooking wild food

13:00 lunch 

15-16 forest bathing 

18:30 dinner

20:00 sharing circle on 'letting go'

*Sitspotting is a very simple yet powerful practice. On the first day, you will find yourself a spot in nature where you will return to every morning, just to BE, without any distractions.

This program is for you if

- you want to live more in connection with nature

- you like to be inspired in both practical and spiritual ways

- you want to learn tools and practices that you can integrate into your own life

- you want to disconnect from the distractions of daily life and reconnect to yourself

- you want to have fun and enjoy nature with a tribe of like-minded people

This is the beginning

We like to see our programs as stepping stones. When you return home, you don’t go back, but further. The program is the beginning. To make sure this program (and what it brings you) is embedded and integrated into your life, we include a 1 on 1 check-in call before and after your stay with us, for all programs.

"I leave with new insights, my senses open, and seeds planted for a life that is more in line with nature." - Ingeborg

"The week has brought me trust in life and myself. That I am able to experience a deep feeling of happiness, by connecting with people, nature and myself." - Adeline

"It gave me a deep sense of rest. I learned to play again and to open my heart. To surrender to nature. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes rough and raw. From laughing out loud to tears and back again. I felt that I am a part of nature, just like everything else is. All is one and all is good as it is. " - Ingeborg


Perhaps you have no idea what a retreat in our land could do for you. Perhaps you just want to know if we are the right person to accompany you in your journey. 

Book a free, no-strings 30-minute personal call with Jorien to see how we might be able to help you. 

Your hosts

Hello! We are Bastiaan and Jorien
We believe our relation to nature lies at the core of the transition to a healthy and happy world. Therefore, we envision and embody a nature-connected life.

Jorien has been working alongside social entrepreneurs, as a consultant for social initiatives, coordinating sustainable events and setting up a retreat venue in Spain. Meanwhile she has been unfolding herself on a personal and spiritual level through conscious dance (5Rhythms, Gabrielle Roth), indigenous nature rituals (VisionQuest, School of Lost Borders), mindfulness (Plum Village, Thich Nath Hanh), and as a Spirit of Nature guide. She has a strong intuition for working with our inner nature and our bodies, which she puts to use as a facilitator, space-holder and mentor.

Bastiaan's inspiration mainly came from his extensive travel experiences. During these journeys he broadened his perspective, learned from indigenous people and worked on permaculture farms. He continued his path by a dedicated (and continuous) self-study on the areas of permaculture, foraging, food forests, agroforestry, regenerative agriculture and more. He was part of various ecological projects in Mexico and Guatamala and put his knowledge into practice by creating a foodforest and kitchengarden in the Netherlands and setting up the holistic Land-management of a project in Spain, including a foodforest, kitchen garden and regenerative farm.



Living with the Land
Living with the Land
Living with the Land

You can either bring your own tent or campervan, or stay in one of our spacious shared tents. The facilities are basic but functional: there is a communal outside kitchen, dry-toilets and warm showers.

It's a remote finca: the water comes from the source and river and after use it runs back onto the land, the energy comes from solar panels. All organic waste (including from the toilets) is composted into fertile soil.


To get to the finca, you can either drive to us by car, or let us pick you up at Figueres Vilafant trainstation. This trainstation has good connections with Girona, Barcelona, Perpignan and Paris. Our programs usually start around 18:00 in the evening, and finish around 10:00 in the morning. We provide a pickup at Figueres Vilafant at 17:00h and drop-off at 11:00.

After you sign up, you will receive more extended information on how to get here. To make sure your timing is aligned with the times of the program and taxi service, please check this information before booking your travels. If you have any hesitations or questions, you can always ask us!

Price program

The price includes all food, non-alcoholic drinks, the program, and two 1:1 videocalls. It excludes accommodation costs, travel costs and potential costs for pick-up at the nearest trainstation.

The program price is €575,-

Price accommodation

- shared spacious tent €20,- pppn

- BYO tent/camper €10,- pppn

We like to have an intimate tribe, therefore there is a maximum of 12 people. 

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