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weekend retreat


nature - silence - mindfulness

 10-12 May 2024

 Location: close to Lladó (Catalunya - Spain)
Language: English (Spanish, Catalan)


Fully rest and recharge in a single weekend.

Completely disconnect from your daily life. Step by step, you shed off the layers that distract you from your core. With every step, you move closer towards emptiness. Here, you find deep rest and endless space. Here you meet the real you.

The peak? A 6-hour Nature Solo.


Nature is our true guide and teacher. With her rhythmic cycles and serenity, the natural world awakens our own natural soul. Rediscovering also our own way of slowing down, finding balance and rest.. Remembering that yes, we áre nature.


There is tremendous power in the letting go of our words. We will retreat into silence for almost the whole weekend. Don´t worry, if you have an urgent question, there is room to talk to the guide.


The practice of presence. Being in the here and now with our full attention. Inspired by the tradition of Thich Nath Hanh, we will engage in mindful activities. This involves sitting meditation, but also walking meditation and simple activities. 

the Nature Solo

The weekend builds up to a 6 hour Nature Solo. During the solo, you will be by yourself on a spot in nature. And that´s it. Just you and nature, nothing else. No other people, no books, no food. No distractions. Nothing. We will of course carefully guide you in the preperation before, and integration after the solo.

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